Scott Bell is a motivational speaker and shares his experience of how to overcome adversity and always looks for the positive in every situation. He prefers to be known as an inspirational speaker rather than a motivational speaker as true motivation comes from within.

Scott Bell has two Guinness World Records for the greatest distance walked on fire and been the founder of UK Firewalk (one on the UK’s leading companies in its field) will provide solid foundations of success methods to ensure the audience goes away with something to gain.

You could describe Scott as one of the hottest motivational speakers around as walking on hot coals with temperature in excess of 1300 degrees Fahrenheit for around one minute when breaking world records is pushing human capabilities to the limited!

Scott is available to speak at your event.

He is able to help with many different topics including motivation, overcoming fear and barriers, success and Spark! (Based upon the book of the same title).

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